Too Many Things

I would like to get this out of the way very quickly. I am absolutely positively 100% against Neymar returning to FC Barcelona. If he comes back, I will seriously reconsider my support of the club. Neymar had a lot of promise and potential, but that has faded over the last two years. Beyond the sporting issue, Neymar is a terrible person. If the board of directors read this story and believe that he’s the guy to solve all of the club’s problems, then I do not know if I can support the club any longer. People say that you should love the shirt and not the players, but it’s hard to love a shirt when it’s covered in stains. I love watching Messi play. I’m very excited about seeing Frenkie de Jong next season. I love Big Sam, but I don’t know if I can see myself getting pass the toxicity that Neymar would bring to the club. Relationships stop working for a reason. Just because things worked out for a couple of months does not mean that they should be pursued again.

Okay, I wanted to get that off my chest right from the rip.

A few days ago, I was trying to figure out why Amazon wasn’t doing any form of promotion for Nicolas Winding Refn’s opus Too Old To Die Young. Amazon could’ve sold the series as a Drive like series with cool music and cool visuals. Then I remembered that former Amazon president Roy Price had a thing for auteurs and visionary filmmakers. I partially assume that Amazon is just letting all of its Price related projects just fall into oblivion. Not to mention, Refn’s work appeals to a very specfic and devoted audience. Some times, I think it’s just me and the people who run the Refn fan accounts of Twitter and Instagram.  While I haven’t finished it yet, I am really enjoying it. It’s pure, uncut Refn, but Ed Brubaker’s voice is very strong throughout project. It may be a very frustrating watch for normies because Refn still has the flourishes to be a very strong, commercial filmmaker. He could direct Crawl or a Gerry Butler picture, but it’s not interesting for him. Refn is in the super exclusive club of filmmakers that can do TV commercials in order to pay for the passion porjects.

The extremely frustrating summer transfer season is well underway in Europe. A time where one hopes that the dud signing decides to become ambitious and asks to leave for a fresh start or one becomes fearful that the young promosing player might leave for “more playing time” at a new club. “Big Little Lies” may be working too hard to give each actor “more playing time” this season. After the brief first episode which felt more like a band going through their greatest hits the second episode goes into overdrive in creating dynamics and storylines for all of the actors this season. Ed is going to do more than sulk around his luxury home, he’s going to run into Nathan, his wife’s ex husband multiple times a day at the local coffee place (that isn’t run by Tom, the horny coffee shop owner) and maybe get into a fight. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but the higher ups need to give Adam Scott more playing time. Yes, the storyline about dissolving marriage between Ed and Madeline makes sense, but it feels like they’re trying to do too many things over the course of seven episodes. Too many things. Why didn’t David E Kelly end the first episode with Renata’s husband getting arrested? That feels like a better ending as opposed to being one of the six or seven plot threads established over the course of fifty minutes. Too many things.

tumblr_oca4kaFsMW1qc3ni5o1_500Also this season seems to be built around an episode of “Publizity”. Every woman that is connected to Alexander Skarsgar’s Perry has bangs. Obviously some bangs are better than others. Shailene Woodley looks like someone who just got into Bettie Page.


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