It’s Nice to Be Nice

On the surface, an hour long episode of public television about tofu does not seem like must see television, but this is Huell Hower at a Tofu festival. There are so many things going on in this particular episode. One, all of the early to mid 1990s outfits. If I work at Urban Outfitters or Forever 21, I would go through this episode frame by frame to find inspiration for some fast fashion. Secondly, of course I appreciate all of the love for a healthy plant based food option. While I do not have tofu all of the time, it’s a good solid stepping stone into a plant based diet. Tofu can taste like anything. Whatever sauce or seasoning you want to use, tofu will take on those qualities. I don’t eat as much tofu beceause whenever I try to cook with it, it just turns into something ressembling scrambled eggs.

What I love about this episode is Huell’s interactions with the festival goers. How over the course of the episode Huell learns to enjoy tofu. It’s a classic episode and the time flies by real quickly.

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