Back Tracking

The AMPAS took to Twitter to announce that all five best song nominees will perform during the February 24th broadcast. Is this a sign that the producers on this year’s show will back track on some of their earlier decisions? Will we have to check Twitter to see if Alfonso Cuaron won an Oscar for Best Cinematography or will we be able to see it on our TV? Cuaron is going for a treble that night… it deserves to be seen on television. It’s kind of a big deal. If the show is going to be without a host, it seems like they would be able to produce a show that’s at least three hours long and has enough time for all of the categories and acceptance speeches. I mean, unless the extremely insecure Glenn Weiss wants to get married during the Oscars, there should be enough time for all five songs and all categories. I only imply that Weiss is insecure because he had to proposal on live television. If you were confident, then you wouldn’t need to do it on a fledging award show. So, will Dawn Hudson and the gang let the Oscars be the Oscars or will they try to fit into a little convenient two hour and fifty eight minute box?

In other news, I am not entirely sure if I’m back going to the multiplex. On Tuesday night, I had a perfect experience when I saw The Kid Who Would Be King. I was the only person in the theater, which is one of my dreams. The bathrooms were clean and the staff looked the other way when I walked in with two cookies in the pockets of my windbreaker. It was great, but was a complete anomaly. It had been eight years since my last completely private screening. The only other time was a revival screening of the very probelmatic Blake Edwards picture The Party in France. The true test will be Happy Death Day 2U in a couple of weeks. Will it be a shit show or will the audience be better behave than a bunch of entitled retirees that stink up the art house?

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