The Hangover’s Hangover

Comparing the most recent list of DGA nominees to the most recent list of Oscar nominees, it looks like one of the DGA nominees is going to miss out on the big BEST DIRECTOR nomination. I remember when panic and fear swept the world when Martin McDonagh was nominated for Best Director last year only to be replaced with the greatest living filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson on Oscar night. So, for four filmmakers, today’s nominations should be a sign of things to come.  Now, let’s took at the nominees this year:

  • Bradley Cooper for By The Wayside
  • Alfonso Cuaron for Roma
  • Peter “Don’t Play Me Off” Farrelly for Green Book
  • Spike Lee for BlacKkKlansman
  • Adam McKay for Vice

It seems pretty obvious to me, who doesn’t belong in the mix for Best Director, but will it be for Oscar voters this week? George Clooney was the last actor turned director to be nominated for Good Night and Good Luck in 2005, can Coops break through? If prior nominations are any indication, it does not look good for him. Ben Affleck won the DGA prize for Argo, but was not even nominated for Best Director at the big dance. Is A Star Is Born’s Oscar chances backing out of the driveway with Sam Elliott? While I wasn’t a big fan of the picture, part of me wants it to still be in the mix if only to drive the old fuddy duddys of Oscar Season influencers to have a meltdown. My final guess: Coops gets the Best Director nomination.

pictured-alfonso-cuarón-spike-leeI believe we can all agree that Alfonso Cuaron seems the most likely to win the DGA award as well as pick up the nomination and win the Best Director Oscar. We can write this down with a permanent marker. I also believe that Spike Lee will pick up an Oscar nomination. It’s pretty shocking that Spike Lee has never been nominated for Best Director and it’s time to rectify a cinematic wrong.

502a_bs_16674_rI want to believe that Adam McKay will move onto the next round, but Vice is a very polarizing picture. Is the Blood Brothers like tempo swifts and rapid tone swings going to turn off voters the same way it’s turned off audiences? Does Liberal Hollywood want to condemn the Republican party without having to say that the Orange Buffon is bad again? Yes, Hank Corwin’s editing style tends to be very indulgent, but McKay did a great job with the picture. It looks great and is filled with strong performances across the board. I think McKay moves onto the next round and will hopefully use all of this Oscar clout to make another film with Will Ferrell.

Then there’s Peter Farrelly and Green Book. Just an old fashion good story told well kind of picture that connects with AARP and sends Award Season Stan Twitter into rage mode. I don’t think that the film deserves to be in the mix, but I do have one nice thing to say about it. They did a really good job of finding and setting up their locations because I did not see a period inaccurate car driving in the background of a shot. That does take a lot of hard work. So, hats to Peter Farrelly and his entire crew It could happen. Lenny Abrahamson picked up a Best Director Oscar nomination over Ridley Scott, who received a DGA nomination. While I’m not comparing Farrelly to Ridley Scott, I’m just saying that the Academy has a weird history and sometimes, people cancel each other out.

If Farrelly is the odd man out, I think Ryan Coogler slides right for the Best Director nomination. Yorgos Lanthimos could slide in. In a perfect world, Chole Zhao would be there. I have to believe that film industry wants to congratulate and thank Coogler for getting people out of the house and into the multiplexes.


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